Nothing worth doing is easy

Nothing worth doing is easy

If you’ve read anything I’ve posted here, listened to my podcast, or watching my Youtube videos then you know I don’t commiserate. I don’t tell you that you’re right. I’m not very good at sugar coating things.

End of the road

Many people who find their way to Animals Amplified are frustrated, sad, angry, and on the edge of giving up. That’s when we reach out for help right? When we don’t think we can do it by ourselves. People are at the end of “Dreambreaker Road” when they get to me.

Just look at some of these comments on my “How to deal with a Micromanager” YouTube video.

“I’m sorry but it is not my job to pacify a grown adult. A control freak will be a control freak regardless of how well you do your job.”

“Most of your advice is telling people to compensate for their boss’s poor management skills. “Maybe you need to be micromanaged”? Micromanagement is bad management. It is the manager’s flaw, and it’s not the employee’s responsibility to correct it.”

“Micromanagers always change the parameters no mater what the circumstance , even if you are doing exactly what they ask they come back and give you to many instructions, its like they are setting you up to fail so they can feel like they know more then you , the solution is QUIT!!! and let them micromanage them selves and ultimately fail.”

“You’re advice is to appease this person!!?? They are grown. Tell them to stop micromanaging The direct approach is always the best between adults.”

I find it ironic that theses comments are also from people scrolling on YouTube and searching for advice on “How to Deal with a Micromanager.” If your advice is so great and you’re so certain that’s how it should be dealt with, why are you watching my video?

When it’s not easy we get mad

We live in an instant gratification society.

Want something to eat? There’s fast food, Uber Eats, Grubhub, refrigerators, and pantries.

Want to watch a movie? There’s Amazon, Netflix, Disney Plus, and a 1000 other streaming platforms.

Want to see an old friend? Facetime, Facebook, or even a quick airplane ride.

Want an answer to a question? Google it!

So it’s no surprise when we’re met with a challenging coworker, manager, culture, or team that we want it to be fixed immediately. Which is possible, if you take the advice above and just quit. What happens though when you move on to the next position and people are ugly there too? Quit again? Uproot your life and move on?

How many times will you quit before you do the hard things?

The hard things

If you want real change you’ll have to do the hard things.

These are just a few of the hard things you’ll have to learn how to do if you want to see real change. As someone who has done it, I promise you it is worth it. Choosing the hard things, eventually makes life easier.

Caroline Kennedy

Detour Guide

I’m an Enneagram type 8. That means I’m incredibly sure of myself and often do not feel like I’m wrong. One of the questions I have to ask myself ALOT is, “What if I’m wrong?” In order to do that, I read a lot of books about having perspective. Think Again was a great one and right now I’m reading Doubter’s Club.

In the Doubter’s Club, Preston writes about being a Detour Guide.

“Tour guides inform guests about items of historical and culture importance on an organized, predetermined route.”

“Detour guides, on the other hand give companionship…(which) may influence them toward a predetermined destination-or it may not.”

If you’re at the end of the road, you’ve thrown your hands in the area and you’re ready to quit… I want to be your Detour Guide. I don’t care what you choose, but I want to walk the road with you as a friend. If you decide that you want to do the hard things, the stuff that makes life worth living, I’ll be right there with you. If you decide you want to quit and try something, somewhere, or someone else, I’ll be right there with you.

Just shoot me an email and we’ll do the hard stuff together.


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