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Chronicles of an unemployed zookeeper

I have never been so appreciative of the modern technology of the internet.  We can still communicate & talk to family face to face. We can collaborate with teammates.  We can teach children. We can share our animals. The sheer dedication to the zoological staff around the world to quickly roll out streaming content has been exhilarating & eye opening.  

We created new hashtags, content, & ways of connecting to the public.  Sorry Ian Malcom, but forget life, zookeepers, uh, find a way. Brav-freaking-o guys!  The sheer fact that we can’t stop teaching, inspiring, challenging the human part of our jobs says a lot more about us than you might want to admit.  Who out there has ever said “I can’t stand humans, just give me the animals” “I’m definitely an animal only person” or something to that effect? I certainly have.  But suddenly we have been granted that world & we still long to be active within our hominid community.  

Zookeepers are teachers. I think more so than they might want to concede. Yet, what are the fundamentals of zoological care?  Conservation & Education. They are the pillars to which we build our standard of care. This experience will hopefully bring us to appreciate our guests & visitors so much more in the future.  When we finally get to see those wide wondrous eyes of a child seeing a lion yawn right in front of them, I hope we all take that simple moment & remember it forever.  

Keep on being amazing with your online content, everyone.  It’s brilliant. Much love to the amazing supporters & those that keep donating & aiding their local facilities.  Now we can see just how much humans belong in zoos too. 

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