how to deal with a micromanager

How to Deal with A Micromanager

Today I’m bringing you an audio clip of one of my YouTube videos. We’ll talk about how to deal with a micromanager at work! It’s part of a longer series that you can find by heading over to the YouTube site and checking out the series “How to deal with those people!”

Why would someone be a micromanager?

  1. They are scared of something.
  2. Because you need it….. (yeah I know that one stings)

What can we do about it?

  1. Take a deep breath and try to find some patience.
  2. Anticipate their needs.
  3. Voice your needs.
  4. Don’t trigger the fears.

These videos will provide you with the guidance you need to make sure you aren’t part of the problem. It also will hopefully help you find some empathy. If you can reflect on what you need to change and also look have some empathy, you’ll be well on your way for working through how to deal with a micromanager.

The video and podcast also provide you with some insight on things you can do to beat the micromanager to the punch. If you’re more interested in understanding why someone might micromanage you can check out this blog.


Click here to watch the video! https://youtu.be/V_2e7PkJ-5Y

Watch the series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_2e7PkJ-5Y&list=PLtJt8o26pAJQ-5R2Iui73VZujBydSIeUr

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