The Power of Gratitude: Soak it up

Every once in a while I feel restless and stuck. I have a hard time sleeping, I can’t sit still, I search job boards, I look for houses in other places, and I raid the refrigerator. It might look differently for you, but I’m assuming everyone has been there at one time or another. You just feel unproductive, lost, and stuck. At the end of this article is a downloadable worksheet that will help you harness the power of gratitude. 

So what do you do about it?

You can start by checking your facts.

Are you really stuck?

You might feel lost but are you really? 

Are you really unproductive?

Likely you’re not. Likely you just need to spend some more time with your face in the sun.

Life’s moments seem to fly by, and if you’re an achiever or a doer, then you plow through a to-do list without ever taking a minute to think about the to-done list. You’re so busy looking at where you’re going, you forget to look at where you’ve been.

Here’s how to fix it:

Step 1: Make a list of your proud moments

Seriously, start a running list of all the things that you’re proud of. Start by looking backward at the things you’ve accomplished that have made you proud. It might be a promotion you got last year, a behavior you trained last week, or the spelling bee that you won in third grade. Write them all down, and then keep adding to the list. Put it in your phone, your planner, your computer, your refrigerator, or your bathroom mirror. I don’t care where you put it. Just make a list.

Step 2: Learn to soak in the moments

Stop letting your accomplishments race by without acknowledging them. If there’s something big coming up let yourself get geared up about it. Let yourself be excited. When it happens breathe in the moment, feel all the feelings, and document it in some way. When it’s over relive it, remember it, and share it. Shout it from the rooftops. Stretch those moments out and soak them up for as long as possible.

Step 3: The Power of gratitude is the practice of gratitude

Every day. Every day be grateful for something. The is the power of gratitude, it is a practice. Even on the worst days find something to be grateful for and tell someone about it. On the best days find 50 things to be grateful for and share all of them. Be that obnoxious, happy, grateful person. Find a gratefulness accountabilibuddy and be grateful with them every single day.

Practice these three things and you’ll find a shift in your life that you didn’t know was possible.

And whatever you do keep your eyes fixed on the sun.

Download our worksheet to help keep your face in the sun.

Soak in the Sun (1220 downloads)

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