I Know How to Engage Guests and I Can Prove It!

Thanks so much for joining us at the International Conservation Education Conference! We hope you enjoyed the presentation on guest engagement!

In case you missed our presentation, let me share a little bit about Adam, Nette, and I came to meet eachother.

Polishing a diamond

When I took the position of Chief of Connections at Tanganyika Wildlife Park, I was excited to push the boundaries of our industry standards, increase revenue, and improve conservation awareness and action in our region. Tanganyika was poised for this type of work. They had an amazing collection of animals, a yes culture, incredibly talented and engaged team members and core values focused on connecting our guests to the animals. Guest engagement was already a huge focus.

When my friend and colleague at Living Desert Zoo told me about some crazy, scarf, wearing British guy who was teaching their keepers how to do chats that tied conservation and commerce together I was intrigued. When we met and I was introduced to the Conscomm triangle I was sold.

Adam sent over his proposal and it included an evaluation program with Nette at BeezKneez Creative I knew the data would be want I needed to get my director behind the plan. Adam frequently complimented the team during training reminding them that we were just “polishing a diamond.” The information Nette provided through her evaluation allowed us to make immediate tweaks to our program and provide feedback to the team about what they were doing well.

The rest was history!

We’ve always received amazing reviews about our team being friendly and kind and our park being clean, but now we get regular reviews like these! I love seeing our team being described as knowledge and friendly!

Guest engagement: what the guests are saying

“We drove 4 hours to visit this park and it was worth every minute. We bought the unlimited pass and it was worth every penny. Next time we will make sure we have time to use the extra day that comes with that pass! The lemurs were our favorite! We visited them twice and really could have just spent the whole day on that island! Knowing what Tanganyika is doing with their breeding programs makes me even more willing to spend the money to return❤️”

“We came to Tanganyika for the Ultimate Weekend. It did not disappoint. We learned so much about all the animals we encountered. The keepers were amazing. They all had such a clear connection with the animals in their care. There was so much respect and love. What an amazing experience. We would highly recommend making the trip to check them out. We swam and painted with penguins, played with otters, feed giraffes, pet and fed sloths, hung out with some awesome cats, and so much more. Their education and conservation program is top notch.”

“Easily the best experience yet with our little one. This place is small enough to get through with a one year old but has SO many amazing things to do and see. The staff were all so patient and knowledgeable of the animals. The animals seemed happy and well cared for. The park was extremely clean including the bathrooms. The food was also delicious! Perfect for literally any age. We had a wonderful day! Thank you!”

We’d love to help you create the same guest engagement magic at you facility!

You can start by watching the presentation and working through this checklist!

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